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Back Door Channels: The Price of Peace is the true story of the men who brought lasting Peace to the Middle East. For the first time ever, the filmmakers take the audience behind the public veil obscured by a first of its kind White House issued media blackout on the events. Behind the press conferences and into the smoke-filled backroom corridors of power during one of the world’s greatest historical moments - the 1979 Camp David Peace Accord and Treaty between Egypt and Israel. For one brief moment in time, Arab and Jew put their differences aside and embraced peace. Menachem Begin, Anwar El-Sadat, and Jimmy Carter - were the strategic geniuses that crafted the peace, but it was the men behind-the-scenes, some driven by deeply held faith and conviction, others merely by raw ambition, who found a way to get them together and drive the peace process. It is a tale of secret missions, internal power struggles and diplomatic brinkmanship by a cast of characters never before revealed - until now.


Shot on location in Israel, Egypt, Morocco, Austria, France, and the U.S., Channel Productions crisscrosses the globe in search of the true story behind one of the most difficult diplomatic achievements of the 20th Century. Channel Production Films is an independent production company, founded by the Emmy award-winning team that built NYC-TV in New York, leading it to a record 160 Emmy® nominations and 42 Emmy® awards in six years. The company is centered on the documentary film and television space and focuses on poignant and impactful stories of people and events, which have far-reaching, global repercussions yet relay an intimate human dimension.

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